The Source Within: Module 6

Welcome to Module 6 of The Source Within!

What you’ll need:
pen & paper or notebook
quiet spot for listening & meditating

In this Module:


    • Asking Your Source Within
    • Sensing Energy in Daily Practice
    • Energetic Scanning
    • Get into Your Reading State: Guided Meditation

How these modules work:
It’s best to listen to the Audio Discussion first then proceed to the Journaling Exercise & Guided Meditation.

Study at your own pace:
Remember you can always come back to these materials at any time, so please take your time with them.

Final Weekly Q&A Wrap-up:
Also please send me your questions based in this week’s module so I’ll be able to answer them in next week’s Q&A Wrap-up..all questions remain anonymous & remember there are no ‘silly’ questions!

Email your questions to me:

Thanks to all of you for your questions from last week’s Module 5.

These are great questions and have tried to answer them to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

From the Audio Discussion:

Q.  I couldn’t get to the theta state in the exercise. I think I was in alpha, and tried quieting my mind, but never got deeper than that. Should I chant on my own or just practice being in alpha for a while?

A. Yes, to both! I used the chant in Module 5 as an example to help give you a focus point. Very often chanting will help us as we use the repetition to cancel out our busy mind. You can try a chant which resonates on your own. And if you find you have a very busy mind, then do try simply being in alpha for a while. The theta is something that comes very naturally after alpha. So the quieter we are in alpha the easier we can drop into theta.

 From the Guided Meditation:

Q.  I got all the way to my spirit guide and was stumped when I had to ask a question! What kind of questions do we ask?

A.  Your guides think everything is an experience. Time and material things have no meaning to them. So when we ask a question like “Will meeting my future husband take a long time?” They won’t have an answer for you because ‘long’ is irrelevant to them. However, if you ask “When?” or “How long?” Then they can help. Or if you ask, “Will my trip to India be good or bad?” They also will not know because everything is an experience to them without consequence. Therefore, a similar question would be, “What will I learn in going to India?” Then they’ll have some insight for you. Sticking to What, Where, When, How will help them be more specific in their guidance to you.

Module 6 Materials

Audio Discussion:

This week’s module explains Asking Your Source Within & Sensing EnergyTowards the end of the discussion you’ll be guided through a brief exercise to sense your own energetic response to certain decisions so you may receive information from a higher wisdom to apply to your daily life!

Listen to the Audio Discussion:Asking Your Source Within


Journaling Exercise: Energetic Scanning

Energetic Scanning is a simple technique used to pick up intuitive information on something or someone. You can even do it on yourself!

Depending on which of your intuitive gifts are strongest, you may see, hear, or feel the information. It will be up to you to ask your higher wisdom and your guides to help you decipher the information you’re picking up.

You’ll be scanning with your hands so begin with yourself and then you can try it on others or other objects once you feel comfortable.

Begin by lying on your back

Close your eyes

Let your hands hover just a few inches above your body

Beginning at the crown of your head, begin to very slowly hover your hands down over the rest of your body.

Really taking time to explore the face, the torso, the hips and pelvis and as low as you can go while lying down.

As you hover your hands over the body you are energetically scanning for information with your eyes closed.

After practicing this exercise at length

Journal about:

What did the energy seem like?

What did you see in your mind’s eye?

What knowing did you receive?

What did you feel?

Which part of the body held the most information?

Which held the least?

Were there places which seemed more ‘stuck’ than others?

 Guided Meditation: Getting Into Your Reading State

This meditation assists you in tapping into your 8th chakra, your Soul Star, which helps you manifest, make better decisions and clear karmic contracts. 

Listen to the Guided Meditation: Getting Into Your Reading State


See you next week for the final Weekly Q&A Wrap-up, be sure to get those questions in!

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