The Source Within: Module 4

Welcome to Module 4 of The Source Within!

What you’ll need:
pen & paper or notebook
quiet spot for listening & meditating

In this Module:


    • What is Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience?
    • Getting intuitive information
    • Learning to Trust
    • Strengthening From Within: Aura-Clearing Guided Meditation

How these modules work:
It’s best to listen to the Audio Discussion first then proceed to the Journaling Exercise & Guided Meditation.

Study at your own pace:
Remember you can always come back to these materials at any time, so please take your time with them.

Weekly Q&A:
Also please send me your questions based in this week’s module so I’ll be able to answer them in next week’s Q&A..all questions remain anonymous & remember there are no ‘silly’ questions!

Email your questions to me:

Thanks to all of you for your questions from last week’s Module 3.

These are great questions and have tried to answer them to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

From the Audio Discussion:

Q. You mentioned that intuition is located in the 2nd chakra, the ‘gut’ feeling, but I thought our intuition was seen at the Third Eye. Can you clarify??

A. The second chakra holds our ability to feel. So often we experience that ‘gut’ feeling, that knowing which is felt  in the body. However, the knowing, the guidance, the higher wisdom, enters through our ‘radio antenna’ at our crown and becomes clear at our Third Eye or the 6th chakra. So our intuitive mind develops in the 6th & 7th, but very often we feel it in other parts of our body such as the 2nd chakra.

From the Journaling exercise, Analyzing Your Body’s Energy:

Q. As I was placing my hands on each of my chakra centers I felt different sensations, some tingling, heat, some cold spots, etc. Can you tell us what each of these sensations mean?

A. It’s great that you were able to tune in and experience various sensations at your centers. Now go a level deeper and analyze what these sensations are telling you. What does heat mean to you? What emotions are you feeling at this center? Analyzing the centers by tapping into the physical sensations and the emotional will help provide more information for you.


Module 4 Materials

Audio Discussion:

This week’s module explains the 3 Primary Intuitive Gifts Towards the end of the discussion you’ll be guided through some exercises to help you develop your intuitive gifts so you may apply them to daily life!

Listen to Module 4 Audio Discussion: Your Intuitive Gifts

Journaling Exercise: Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Learning to trust your intuition is probably the most important piece of developing your intuition!

You may receive messages, information, guideposts all the time, but if you don’t trust it, what good is it??

As children we are always at play with our intuition. Yet we are told early on that we didn’t really see, hear or feel that imaginary friend or that mythical creature, etc.

Or that what we feel, see, hear is only part of our overactive imagination. Or we were told to stop daydreaming so much and come back to reality.

This journaling exercise is meant to be done in conjunction with the guided exercises from the Audio Discussion

As you proceed with each exercise and jot down notes about the intuitive information you receive, notice the “counter-message” you receive from your inner critic.

Where does that voice come from?

When did you first begin to mistrust what you felt, saw or heard?

What was your earliest memory of seeing, hearing or feeling intuitive information?

Answering these questions will help you to see that the critic is an outsider and you have the choice of not engaging it.

As you continue practicing these exercises and developing your intuitive gifts your inner-truth will begin to take the place of the critic.

Now move on to the Guided Aura Clearing Meditation to bring strengthen your energy!



Guided Meditation: Strengthening Your Energy with Aura Clearing

This meditation assists you in strengthening your energy through the core and increases the vibration of your aura!

Listen to the Guided Meditation: Aura Clearing Meditation

See you next week for Module 5: Meeting Your Spirit Guides…

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