The Source Within: Module 3

Welcome to Module 3 of The Source Within!

What you’ll need:
pen & paper or notebook
quiet spot for listening & meditating

In this Module:


How these modules work:
It’s best to listen to the Audio Discussion first then proceed to the Journaling Exercise & Guided Meditation.

Study at your own pace:
Remember you can always come back to these materials at any time, so please take your time with them.

Weekly Q&A:
Also please send me your questions based in this week’s module so I’ll be able to answer them in next week’s Q&A..all questions remain anonymous & remember there are no ‘silly’ questions!

Email your questions to me:

Thanks to all of you for your questions from last week’s Module 2.

These are great questions and have tried to answer them to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

From the Audio Discussion:

Q. How can I tell if I’ve gone from alpha state to theta state?

A. As mentioned in the discussion, Alpha State is the relaxed state leading us into meditation. Once we’re in meditation If we focus on our breath and allow our mind to still, we have the ability to dive into the deeper Theta State. An indication of reaching Theta is when everything becomes very quiet within. The thoughts cease, and we begin to see flashes of imagery or colors from a higher source. Very often we receive clarity on questions we’ve asked. Our breath even becomes more still upon reaching Theta State. If you find difficulty in reaching this place, it simply means the mind needs to practice being quiet. This is where the Gazing Meditation comes in handy!

Q. I live in NYC and constantly feel disconnected from the natural world. What are some good ways to stay connected even when living in a city?

A. Great question! It’s challenging connecting to nature in a man-made world. Luckily most urban environments still have natural spaces. Central Park in NY is a wonderful outlet when feeling overwhelmed. No time to get to the park, then bring nature inside to you! Collect stones, feathers, pieces of wood and place them around your living space or even sacred space. You can also listen to nature sounds while commuting on the the transit. I really love Marina Raye’s Native American Flute music because she infuses sounds from nature in all of her pieces.

Q.  My question is about managing sensitivity to energy. I see energy sensitivity as a gift which conversely can create challenges in public places or in larger social gatherings. The input can feel overwhelming. I find that I have lived by attempting to titrate, yet this is not always possible. Essentially, my question is about living as an energetically sensitive person in a populated and often socially artificial or superficial culture.

A. The best thing we can do when we are energetically sensitive is to strengthen our energy from within. You’ll be receiving two great meditations in the series, one to balance the chakras and another to clear the aura. The idea is to be a strong lighthouse from within rather than being so spongey. Also when we feel our sensitivity we tend to curl up and go within. This can leave us a bit ungrounded and disempowered. If we activate our grounding and lift our energetic vibration through the auric field (you’ll receive this meditation in Module 4) these tools will help us feel more empowered and even more curious and open to what we’re experiencing.

From the Journaling exercise, Creating a Sacred Space:

Q. We’re remodeling our home and everything is turned upside down. Should I just wait to create a sacred space until we’re done with the remodel?

A. You can create a sacred space even though you’re remodeling. In fact it’s probably more important than ever since you’re probably feeling like your life is upside-down too! The best thing is finding your favorite place to go in nature and leaving ‘gifts’. For instance there was a boulder I would hike to every day and leave wildflowers, feathers, and other natural trinkets found on my walk. Even those these things would eventually blow away, it was my landmark to pause, reflect and leave an offering of prayer & gratitude.


Module 3 Materials

Audio Discussion:

This week’s module explains the body’s energy system including the core energetic known as the Sushumna Nadi, the aura and the 7 primary chakra centers. Towards the end of the discussion you’ll be guided through a brief exercise to check in with each of these centers with breath and touch.

Listen to Module 3 Audio Discussion: The Body’s Energy System

Journaling Exercise Analyzing Your Body’s Energy System

Now that you’ve listened to the audio discussion and have completed the brief exercise. Return to placing your hands on each of your centers and jot down what first comes to mind for each of these questions. Do this for each of the 7 centers.

What does it feel like to bring touch to this place on your body?

How fluid is your breath here?

Closing your eyes, what ‘information’ does your body give you in this center?

What emotions arise?

What physical discomfort do you feel?

Now move on to the Guided Chakra Healing Meditation to bring healing to each of the seven chakras!



Guided Meditation: Chakra Healing

This meditation assists you in bringing breath, awareness and even healing into each of the 7 chakra centers!

Listen to the Guided Meditation: The Chakra Healing Meditation

See you next week for Module 4: Discovering Your Intuitive Gifts…

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