The Source Within: Module 2

Welcome to Module 2 of The Source Within!

What you’ll need:
pen & paper or notebook
quiet spot for listening & meditating

In this Module:


  • Reconnecting with the Natural World
  • Practicing stillness for a quieter mind
  • Creating a sacred space
  • The Art of Gazing: Guided Meditation

How these modules work:
It’s best to listen to the Audio Discussion first then proceed to the Journaling Exercise & Guided Meditation.

Study at your own pace:
Remember you can always come back to these materials at any time, so please take your time with them.

Weekly Q&A:
Also please send me your questions based in this week’s module so I’ll be able to answer them in next week’s Q&A..all questions remain anonymous & remember there are no ‘silly’ questions!

Email your questions to me:

Thanks to all of you for your questions from last week’s Module 1.

These are great questions and have tried to answer them to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

From the Journaling Exercise: Getting back into the body

Q. When I scanned my body from my head to my toes for tension and energy, I had a lot of trouble scanning anything from my shoulders to my hips. It was like I could send relaxing light into my head, face, throat, collarbones, shoulders, and then … nada… until I got to my hips and rear.

What do you suggest when certain areas of your body are very difficult for you to scan?

. We are in constant relationship with our bodies, however it’s not always as functional relationship as we would like to have. Remembering that when there is an energetic imbalance it usually shows up emotionally and when we ignore the emotional it can show up physically.

The best thing to do when there is no apparent information being ‘felt’ is to listen or watch. Engage the other senses. Perhaps there has been trauma to the specific parts of the body and they no longer want to ‘feel’ or be ‘felt’. So when mindfully scanning these parts of the body look in the mirror, what is the posture like? What do these points along the body look like? How can you ‘listen’ to them? When you scan these parts, what is your intuition telling you about their silence?

Q.What can I do to bring awareness to and better connect with these areas of my body?

A. The best thing to do if there are part of you going blank on the radar screen is to place your hands on these areas and pause. So for instance if you scan the belly and are unable to feel anything, close your eyes and place your hands back on the belly. Breathe into that spot. What is it telling you?

Very often it is about touching and connecting the places within ourselves, sort of like connecting the dots to gain the whole. The best thing we can do is cultivate a relationship with these areas. Honoring the places which hide and nurturing them to be seen, heard and felt.

From the Audio Discussion: What is intuition and its benefits?

Q.  [If] Babies are bundles of light.  Are starving babies, born to malnourished parents, bundles of light?  Why would they pick that Karma?

A. The theory about karma is that it is an agreement the soul makes with our guides before entering back into this realm. When we are simply spirit and energy without the home of a human body, everything is light around us and we live in a much higher vibration. As it becomes time to come back into a human body we take a look at the lives we have lived and decide what lessons or experience we wish to have. Because when we are spirit, everything is simply an experience. So spirits want to experience certain scenarios which will teach them correlating lessons. Perhaps lessons in strength, detachment, empowerment, unconditional love, patience, etc. Perhaps there was unfinished business in a past life, so we re-enter to complete the lesson or even re-live the entire experience.

There are also varying degrees of consciousness between lifetimes and each time we learn and complete our lessons and experiences, we are able to graduate up to the next level of consciousness. This new level allows us opportunities to have new lessons and experiences at a higher level of awareness.

Module 2 Materials

Audio Discussion:

This week’s module explains the importance of connecting with the natural world around us. We’ll also examine 4 stages of brain activity and the importance of finding stillness and a quieter mind. Finally I’ll be guiding you through a brief exercise separate from the Guided Meditation to help you find stillness. Approx: 25 min. length

Listen to Module 2 Audio Discussion: The Natural World

Journaling Exercise: Creating Sacred Space

There are countless interpretations of sacred space. Human beings realized very early the innate notion of celebrating something higher than our immediate psyche. We have constructed various shapes of monuments, pyramids, temples, cathedrals all pointing to a higher consciousness. We have painted in caves, participated in rituals, danced entranced in a state outside our third dimensional existence. Wherever we are, however we access it, sacred space is a place of contemplation, a place where the soul is stirred to ask its questions, a place of receiving guidance and answers beyond our periphery and more importantly an understanding of them.

Before you create a sacred space, journal on envisioning it.

What will you do in your sacred space? Will you meditate, dance, practice yoga, cook, walk, sing or simply be still?

Where is your sacred space? Is it in your home? Somewhere in your yard? On your favorite hiking trail? On a beach? In a park?

What items will you include in your sacred space? Candles? Statues? Crystals? Pictures of loved ones or spiritual teachers?

 How often will you visit this Sacred space? Few times a week? Once a week? Once a month?

 What do you envision receiving in the sacred space? Peace? Guidance? Access to other dimensions? Healing?

We find sacred space externally to help us navigate our own sacred space internally. Kneeling quietly in this internal hush of sanctuary allows us to witness our own divinity.


Guided Meditation: The Art of Gazing

This meditation assists you in finding a focal point and expanding your periphery. It helps you to practice detachment and open your awareness to the availability around you. Approx: 15 min

Listen to the Guided Meditation: The Art of Gazing

See you next week for Module 3: The Body’s Energy System…

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