The Source Within: Module 1

Welcome to Module 1 of The Source Within! I’m thrilled to be sharing the next 6 weeks with you and helping you to develop your intuitive abilities!

What you’ll need:
pen & paper or notebook
quiet spot for listening & meditating

In this Module:


  • What is intuition and its benefits?
  • What is energy & how does it affect us?
  • Getting back into the body: Journaling Exercise
  • Finding Your Center: Guided Meditation

How these modules work:
It’s best to listen to the Audio Discussion first then proceed to the Journaling Exercise & Guided Meditation.

Study at your own pace:
Remember you can always come back to these materials at any time, so please take your time with them.

Weekly Q&A:
Also please send me your questions based in this week’s module so I’ll be able to answer them in next week’s Q&A..all questions remain anonymous & remember there are no ‘silly’ questions!

Email your questions to me:



Module 1 Materials


Audio Discussion:

This week’s module explains what intuition is & its benefits. We’ll also examine what energy is and how it affects us. Finally I’ll be guiding you through a brief exercise separate from the Guided Meditation to help you center. Approx: 28min length

Listen to Module 1 Audio Discussion


Journaling Exercise: Getting back into the body

Once we’re willing to confront our emotional suffering, we begin making choices based on attraction instead of aversion, love instead of fear. Where we used to think about what was “safe,” we now become interested in doing what seems right or fun or meaningful or ripe with possibilities. Ask yourself this: What would I do if I stopped trying to avoid emotional pain? ~ Martha Beck

This week is about getting back into your body. So we’ll examine how how to do just that.

  • Begin by asking yourself “How am I feeling today?”
  • Find a quiet spot and close your eyes.
  • Next begin to mindfully scan each part of your body from head to toe.
  • How does your forehead feel? Your eyes? Your throat? Your shoulders? etc
  • Continue all the way down and with eyes closed write each emotion or physical sensation you feel until you reach your toes.
  • At the end, open your eyes and take a look at what you’ve written.

Does it match what your initial answer was to “How am I feeling today?”

What else did you discover?

Where were you holding tension?

Why do you think the tension or other sensations were in these particular spots?

There is no right or wrong answer. Just explore what your body and mind are saying intuitively.



Guided Meditation: Finding Your Center

This meditation assists you in finding and returning to your center point. It helps you to release attachments the rational mind might be making about certain decisions in your life. Approx: 10min

Listen to Finding Your Center: Guided Meditation


See you next week for Module 2: The Natural World….



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