Before you were my lover
you were my brother,
my son,
my father,
how could I not honor you?

Before you were my mother
you were my sister,
my daughter,
my goddess,
how could I not honor you?

Before you were my pet
we were kindred spirits
evolving from this earth
on similar sets of legs
how could I not honor you?

Before you were my food
you were sprouting from our same soil
drinking and giving us life
as you reached toward the sun
how could I not honor you?

From the divinest of being
within me,
to the divinest of being
within you
we are one,

Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots


A few weeks ago, before the rains, I had a gardening bonanza! I never thought of myself as much of a green thumb. In fact I still don’t, but since my pre-school years, I’ve always loved seeing the first peek of green peering up from the soil and tendril upward into the world.

I’ve long graduated from Dixie cups and sunflower seeds and now have a 4×4 veggie garden patch. It’s not much, but something which fits perfectly into the sun-soaked spot just beneath our kitchen window. This year I planted two 6-packs of rainbow chard of which the jackrabbits have made their personal salad bar (note to self: chicken wire ASAP). Still standing are the zucchini, squash, japanese eggplant, jalapenos, red cabbage, dino kale and a trailblazing effort of asparagus. Every morning I go outside to coo over them like they’re all my little babies. My 9yo daughter and my cat, Pablo stare out the window at me like I’ve lost my mind.

In Ayurveda, spring is Vata (air/wind) season. It’s the Mover & Shaker of all seasons. It’s the season for birthing new ideas, meeting new people, taking action on those new year intentions. With it can come unexplained feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, irritability.That 3rd chakra, the energy center of our will and moving forward in the world, gets super activated and if we’re not careful can completely quake our foundation.

Getting grounded: Just like that little pea shoot is striving to break through the soil, it also needs to be rooted in order to survive. It’s important to practice grounding this time of year in order for us to move from a true place, rather than falling over ourselves to get to the next project. Think about that picture for a moment…we end up getting in our own way!

Being in nature, getting my hands in dirt, cultivating and nurturing seedlings into the earth, planting a stack of clay pots with jasmine, lavender, hydrangeas and herbs…this grounds me. After working in the ethereal realms of Reiki, kneeling and bringing my focus downward to soil is something my body craves.

So if you’re feeling unmoored in this early bit of spring, we can get you grounded. And be sure to back it up with getting your feet and hands on a patch of mother earth.   Reiki Healing : Coaching : Reiki Classes newheadshot


Year of the Horse: 3 Tips to Stay Balanced on the Ride


“There are three gears on a horse,” my friend Dave cried over his shoulder. “First gear is what we’re doing right now, just walking. Second gear is this, just squeeze the horse with your thighs and they’ll trot.” It had been some time since I’ve ridden a horse, so when my friend, Dave, a cattle-rancher and real-deal cowboy, invited me to go for a ride out by Point Reyes, I jumped at the chance.

We began our ride through the aged live oaks laced with lichen as the bay trees wafted the misty air with their spicy fragrance. We rode his cattle horses he had tuned with these sort of intuitive commands. It was amazing to see this technique tested and proven. Just by squeezing the horse with my legs it progressed to a trot. “Now third gear is this, just kick it in its side.” I watched as Dave kicked his horse in that particular space on its sides. Just one kick and off he went into a gallop. I ‘kicked’ mine and nothing. Again, nada. “KICK! KICK THAT HORSE!  You’re not going to hurt it!” he screamed over his shoulder. Of course that’s what I was worried about. So I did, I gave it one more firm kick and we were off! Continue reading Year of the Horse: 3 Tips to Stay Balanced on the Ride