A Room of One’s Own: Alone-time for You

A Room of One’s Own: Alone-time for You


It happens very rarely, that time when no one else is home and I get the pad all to myself! It’s not that I do anything particularly extravagant with that time. It’s simply a blessing to have the quiet, the stillness, to not have to find socks or lunchboxes, keys or any other items of miscellany. I do get a lot of time to myself, but it’s primarily spent doing work around our home, organizing, cleaning, I get time for yoga and hiking, but it’s the time for complete, uninterrupted stillness which I covet. Sitting on our deck and gazing off into the sky, watching the hummingbirds and bees be nourished from the flowers, hearing the local covey of quail guiding each other over the land and of course, as Pablo our cat would agree, there is nothing more important than petting him!


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Boston Strong: Practicing Unity in a Time of Despair

Practicing Unity in a Time of Despair


It’s been a helluva week. As I left the studio early Monday afternoon, little did I realize the immense cloud hanging over our country’s head. Listening to NPR on the drive home the details of the Boston bombings began to spew. I pulled over feeling dumbfounded, put into alarm about what might happen next, if there were more bombs planted somewhere else, how much tragedy did we need to prepare ourselves for? We gathered with friends later that evening and like the news feed, we all speculated at the details, but were unanimous in one question which was ‘why?’.

As I write this morning, we have the other brother in custody and I’m sure he will provide answers as to why they committed this unthinkable act. But those answers will never truly provide reasoning. Their own separation from this reality fuel the delusions as to why they thought blowing up innocent people would settle anything in their world.

I include a piece written over a year ago about Unity. I feel it speaks to our inherent need to be included and how we so easily feel despair in its absence.

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