A Room of One’s Own: Alone-time for You

A Room of One’s Own: Alone-time for You


It happens very rarely, that time when no one else is home and I get the pad all to myself! It’s not that I do anything particularly extravagant with that time. It’s simply a blessing to have the quiet, the stillness, to not have to find socks or lunchboxes, keys or any other items of miscellany. I do get a lot of time to myself, but it’s primarily spent doing work around our home, organizing, cleaning, I get time for yoga and hiking, but it’s the time for complete, uninterrupted stillness which I covet. Sitting on our deck and gazing off into the sky, watching the hummingbirds and bees be nourished from the flowers, hearing the local covey of quail guiding each other over the land and of course, as Pablo our cat would agree, there is nothing more important than petting him!


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Against All Odds

Against All Odds

It happened on the dance floor of my eighth grade cotillion. My boyfriend of six months broke up with me and it went down like this. We slow danced as Phil Collins pledged his love in “Against All Odds”. The lights were dimmed save for the sparkle of the rotating mirrored globe on the ceiling casting blue flecks across the hopeful face of my beau. And then he said it,
“When are we gonna go to 3rd base?”
“Umm neVER!” I blurted. At thirteen I knew that we’d of course be together forever, but the thought of progressing our physical relationship past french-kissing and holding hands hadn’t infiltrated my naivety.
“Then I need to break up with you.” he said flatly and with that dislodged from our slowdance embrace and walked away into the cavernous dark stretch of the dancehall.

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Dating 101

Dating 101


“Hey I gained weight and you cut your hair!” This was the opening line from a first..and last date I had with a guy ten years ago. We met one rainy afternoon on MUNI and instantly connected over our agreement of the not-so-sunny disposition of the bus driver. We parted ways at Van Ness & Sacramento St, but before I left he popped the question, “Can I get your phone number?” I obliged and he called within two days. He explained that he was heading to his brother’s wedding in India and would be there for the next five weeks, but he’d love to meet for drinks once he was back. I shrugged a “sure” into the phone and really didn’t give it much thought beyond that.

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