Fighting Fire With Honey: Facing Triggers With Heart


I recently shared with friends and family my personal views on a recent political development via email. It was well received by most in my circle and then I received an email from a family member not quite so in favor…in fact they were in vehement opposition. I’ve always been told that politics and religion are taboo in topics of conversation. And since I like to meet most discussions as conversations rather than confrontations, I tend to enter in with open mind, heart, eyes and ears.  Continue reading Fighting Fire With Honey: Facing Triggers With Heart

Flower Power


I recently had a visit with one of my dear friends who lives in Sebastapol. On the drive out to her home and down a side country road I became smitten with the antiquated apple orchards in full bloom, the curve and cradle of the single-lane road and the breath of wysteria and wild rose whispering through the air. As I drove, I could feel the layers of concrete, steel and grime that comes with urban living peeling away. There was some serious Shakti energy happening out there!

Shakti is the active Divine Feminine energy happening around and within all of us..yes even you men! It is the creative and fertile force which is complemented by Shiva, the masculine Divine. It gave me pause to honor the mother within all of us, that sacred feminine which appears in our birthing of not only the children in this world, but also the birthing of ideas, creativity. The mother appears in the way we nurture our loved ones, care for our pets, our plants, cultivate and create our food. Continue reading Flower Power