And here I’ve landed
on the other side of the past.
Eyes holding wonder like a cup.
Head, heart and body drunk
with divinity
in a bacchanalia of consciousness.

Blooming only laughter,
only beauty,
shimmering light to all.
Sword now sheathed,
with a single magnolia as my gift.
Show up! and be embraced.
show up! and celebrate
these unfurled petals before you.

Then here you will land,

copyright 2007, jennifer brinn

5:30 a.m.

This morning wakes with melancholy.
Her hair teased across the sky,
pink, grays, blue hues,
in strands and tufts.

The moon smirks behind us
and hummingbirds shoot
like stars
through our middle world.

The drum circle of crickets yields
to the first sirens of crows,
and the last owl plays its bass note

Gazing out over
the curve and dip
of ridgeline, seeking the silhouettes
of early hunting coyotes
dotting the open hills
before her fire continues to rise.

And I sit, with the mystic song of coffee
rising up like incense.
Captured in the clear, cool, sweetness of air.
Simply bewitched,
as a trail of sparrows flutters by.

copyright 2013, jennifer brinn


Before you were my lover
you were my brother,
my son,
my father,
how could I not honor you?

Before you were my mother
you were my sister,
my daughter,
my goddess,
how could I not honor you?

Before you were my pet
we were kindred spirits
evolving from this earth
on similar sets of legs
how could I not honor you?

Before you were my food
you were sprouting from our same soil
drinking and giving us life
as you reached toward the sun
how could I not honor you?

From the divinest of being
within me,
to the divinest of being
within you
we are one,