Emotional Rescue: Being Mindful of Where Your Mind Lives


This morning I woke to a beautiful day. From our bedroom window, I could see the sun casting its rays across Mt. Tamalpais, our cat  had positioned himself on my head and was contently purring. Upon rising, I saw my beau had already made coffee and thoughtfully set out my cup. I padded into my office, sat at my desk, reviewed email and mindfully planned the day.

The turning point:
It was my turn to drive our daughter to school. At the last minute my beau told me he needed the car to drive into the city and I needed to use his work truck…a ginormous old Ford F250 which I’ve come to not-so-affectionately call Grendel because of its voracious appetite for gas. Speaking of gas, the truck, which has two tanks, was redlined on empty in both. All of this information flowed in two minutes before we were leaving for school, of which we were already dashing to make on time. Saying a little prayer we coasted on fumes up and over the hill just in time to hit the beginnings of construction and lane closures. My stress-o-meter was rising far beyond my comfort zone for this early in the morning. Continue reading Emotional Rescue: Being Mindful of Where Your Mind Lives

A Spoonful of Sugar: The Medicine of Our Time

A Spoonful of Sugar: The Medicine of Our Time


In indigenous cultures if a member of the community has an emotional or physical ailment, the entire community gathers the person and brings them to the shaman or medicine person of the village or tribe. They gather and collectively hold healing ceremony because each person has a role to play and each person is an integral piece in their community. So if one person is ill it is a threat to them as a collective. Can you imagine this happening in our society? What would happen if you fell ill, were admitted to the hospital and an entire city stopped what they were doing and held healing prayers and ceremony for you? Continue reading A Spoonful of Sugar: The Medicine of Our Time

A Room of One’s Own: Alone-time for You

A Room of One’s Own: Alone-time for You


It happens very rarely, that time when no one else is home and I get the pad all to myself! It’s not that I do anything particularly extravagant with that time. It’s simply a blessing to have the quiet, the stillness, to not have to find socks or lunchboxes, keys or any other items of miscellany. I do get a lot of time to myself, but it’s primarily spent doing work around our home, organizing, cleaning, I get time for yoga and hiking, but it’s the time for complete, uninterrupted stillness which I covet. Sitting on our deck and gazing off into the sky, watching the hummingbirds and bees be nourished from the flowers, hearing the local covey of quail guiding each other over the land and of course, as Pablo our cat would agree, there is nothing more important than petting him!


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