“It’s Not You, It’s Me” : 7 Breakup Survival Tips


Many moons ago, in a land far away…I was married. To say it feels like I’m telling the story of someone else, but it was me…a much younger 25 year-old me. While we had been together five years prior to our wedding, the marriage part kind of freaked me out. Upon checking into our hotel on our honeymoon, the bellman addressed me by my married name, “…Mrs. Smith?” I began to hyperventilate. There were many reasons for this, but essentially I was just too young. So four months, a move to Atlanta, and a big 250-person wedding later, we separated and eventually divorced. But that was not the hardest breakup in my life. Continue reading “It’s Not You, It’s Me” : 7 Breakup Survival Tips

Lead With Your Heart

Lead With Your Heart


When practicing Reiki, I work primarily on a clairsentient level..meaning I feel emotions, imbalances, etc with my hands. I feel little ‘pings’ or waves of emotion as I’m invited into relationship of an individual’s sacred space. One of the most common areas revealing emotions is the front and back of the heart. Continue reading Lead With Your Heart

Dating 101

Dating 101


“Hey I gained weight and you cut your hair!” This was the opening line from a first..and last date I had with a guy ten years ago. We met one rainy afternoon on MUNI and instantly connected over our agreement of the not-so-sunny disposition of the bus driver. We parted ways at Van Ness & Sacramento St, but before I left he popped the question, “Can I get your phone number?” I obliged and he called within two days. He explained that he was heading to his brother’s wedding in India and would be there for the next five weeks, but he’d love to meet for drinks once he was back. I shrugged a “sure” into the phone and really didn’t give it much thought beyond that.

Continue reading Dating 101