Reality Show


Reality Show



I’ll never forget the time I dropped to my knees in excruciating pain. I just turned 30 and was going back to school for my degree in Creative Writing. I was just three quarters away from graduating and whammo! A bulging disc in the lumbar region of my spine intruded upon my sciatica nerve, sending searing pain down my right leg. I woke from a nap between classes and waiting tables that evening to find myself dropping to the floor and crawling to a telephone. I endured three tedious months of dealing with mind-bending pain, in addition to a relationship that was on the rocks, having to drop out of school and no job. A long story short, since I had no interest in holistic healing methods back then, the injury healed from a cortisone shot to the spine. I vowed to be a better inhabitant of my body and to take gentler care of it. That injury and the very challenging time that came with it, made me seek reflection and inner healing. That injury opened the door to yoga, meditation and an opening of my senses. All of which ultimately led me to Reiki and the amazing practice I’ve had for over a decade.

I bet you can remember at least one circumstance where you felt life handed you a big pile of caca, but once you got on the other side of it, you found something so much better waiting for you. It’s in these moments when we can have gratitude and gain momentum for whatever we’re experiencing now.

Whether it’s a job we despise, relationship troubles or even a health issue. How we deal with these circumstances shapes our overall perspective and mood. If the constant loop in our head is, “Life is hard, this sucks.” then guess what? It will be. However, if we look at our circumstances and find the loopholes, the workarounds, and even the pockets of joy..and trust me they are there…then we begin to retain more energy and become more fluid with life.

There’s the saying that ‘everything happens for a reason’. We don’t know exactly what that reason is. It may or may not ever become apparent to us. All we can do is make a choice. There are two options available to us in challenging circumstances: Flow with it or get caught in the downward spiral.

Remember that energy follows focus. Whatever we focus on, that is where our energy will go. The circumstances do not define you, how you deal with them does. So go have a fabulous long weekend, regroup, gather your light and bring your A-game on Monday because that is who you really are.  Coaching : Healing : Training      newheadshot

Peripheral Vision

 Peripheral Vision


Last week, feeling troubled about a family member, I went out on one of my ‘hike on it’ hikes. It was one of those hikes when I hiked to gain perspective, objectivity and clarity on a particular issue. Yet the more I hiked, the more jumbled my mind became..this was a tough one. While striding through the eucalyptus trees, the birds filled the canopy with their ‘good-mornings’. Walking over the sagebrush chaparral I spotted three stones in a row shaped as hearts. Ambling down the muddy hillside, a jackrabbit hurried across my path. Ordinarily I take all of this into account. The animal wisdom, the hearts supporting my step, the birdsong easing my tension, but this particular morning nothing was snapping my vision upward. Getting lost in my thoughts, I became more discouraged and saddened.

As I walked up our hill towards home, I dreaded passing our neighbor who has, what I assume to be, some form of Tourette Syndrome  paired with dementia.  He’s a man of about 70 years-old, sounds exactly like Jimmy Stewart,  stands on his front porch with his morning coffee in hand and always provides imaginative oratory to passersby…typically ranging from rude to downright obscene. I’ve learned to ignore his rants and simply walk by their home focusing my gaze on the hill ahead of me, but this particular morning I braced myself for what was to come out of his mouth. And then he said it…“Do you have..any idea.. how berserk I am about your welfare?” Clear as a bell it hit me, how much the Divine was trying to jerk me out of my head and into my heart, so much that it used this guy to declare its message.

The universe speaks to us in ways, that are pretty darn crafty! It often uses metaphors to expand our periphery out of the tunnel vision entrapping us. This one, however, took the cake!

For the remainder of the day see if you can expand your vision to all the incoming messages of how loved, supported and guided  you are. Even though it doesn’t always seem that way, it really is ‘berserk about your welfare.”    coaching : healing : training    newheadshot


4 Strategies to Help You Shine!


Yesterday something exciting happened. Our newly launched consultancy, Human Pace had a development meeting with a big San Francisco, Fortune 500 company. I have to say while I remained externally cool as a cuke, the jitters were having a party internally. A slew of what-ifs plagued my mind..”What if I got a run in my stocking? What if my heel broke? What if there was something in my teeth? eww. What if instead of meeting with this VP, a band of unruly monsters were waiting inside to devour me whole?” Walking into the corporate headquarters solo, I was armed with my laptop, phone, notebook, my brain and one more thing, my secret mantra….wanna hear it? “How can I shine?” Continue reading 4 Strategies to Help You Shine!