Because You Can

Monsieur Chat, sitting upon the sill
because you can,
because you fit so perfectly
in that small plane of space

No one would ever know how much
you can sprawl
outstretched belly in both directions

Not one person could ever guess
at the lion you are when you
lower yourself deep in the tall
spring grass
patiently waiting for that plump
morsel of field mouse to unwittingly
cross your path
and you pounce because you can.

copyright 2012 Jennifer Brinn

Talk to the Animals: 5 Simple Guidelines

artwork by
artwork by

Last week I was on my early morning hike. The fog was still waking and lifting from the hills. As a I reached the top ridge line a gorgeous, black Raven swooped over my head into the overhang of a eucalyptus tree about 15 feet above. It faced me directly and began to repeat a ‘knocking’ sound. Its throat ruffled up and continued making this sound for a good three minutes. I stood there watching, what I later learned might have been a, ‘her’. I listened how she was communicating, watched her behavior. I stood perfectly still and opened my heart as if to shine it to her, letting her know we were, in some sense, the same. She then flew to the ground beside me and casually walked along picking up bits with her ebony beak, her sleek feathers shined in the morning haze. As she walked along she would look up at me with ease. She then flew off into the trees. The visitation was complete. Continue reading Talk to the Animals: 5 Simple Guidelines

Horse Whispering Our Challenge


One of my favorite teachers is Martha Beck. A life coach who is incredibly wise, engaging life with humor and humility. She’s recently taken up the practice of horse whispering and speaks about this experience in her recent blog post. 

I had to share an excerpt with you that I found so incredibly useful in dealing with challenges big & small.

“…Equus coaches are using such subtle body language to connect with the horses that it often looks as though they’re simply standing near the mustangs, completely relaxed, barely moving. That’s the energy that allows the horses to calm down and learn that it’s safe to be herded and handled…

….Today, look upon your life, your bank account, your family, each person you meet, as a wild horse. If a problem looks difficult, relax. If it looks impossible, relax even more. Then begin encouraging small changes, putting just enough pressure on yourself to move one turtle step forward. Then rest, savor, celebrate.  Then step again.  You’ll find that slow is fast, gentle is powerful, and stillness moves mountains.”

Wishing you ease and support as we all move forward at a pace we can truly handle.

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