Jennifer successfully blends her passions of healing, meditation and wellness with her gifts to guide and inspire people towards a more balanced life.

She has a history of  working in the corporate world as a writer/editor and communications trainer which assist her in bringing esoteric concepts with pragmatism and humor to an array of audiences. Her diverse expertise in holistic practices, spiritual traditions and wellbeing allows her to customize her message to fit the desires and the needs of your audience.

“Jennifer’s calm and balanced presence filled the room. She had everyone right with her and guided each of us directly into our bodies in a loving and gentle way. Participants said they were filled with a sense of renewal and excitement to take their health to a new level. “
Break the Binge Cycle Cleanse at Yoga Tree.
Darshana Weill Food Freedom Coach

Jennifer offers her lectures for:

  • women’s leadership groups
  • alumni groups
  • corporate retreats/luncheons
  • corporate wellness programs
  • mind + body wellness groups/conferences
  • women’s circles
  • mothers groups
  • yoga retreats
  • spiritual retreats
  • addiction recovery groups

Jennifer has spoken at:

  • The San Francisco Buddhist Center
  • Yoga Tree, SF
  • Amrita Yoga, SF
  • Yoga of Sausalito
  • Bryman College, SF
  • The Riley Center, Brennan House for Women of Domestic Violence, SF

Examples of Speaking Topics:

Finding Focus: “What’s weighing you down? The first thing I hear in my work with people are the obstacles, the ‘I can’ts’, the ‘I’m too tired’, the ‘there’s not enough time’, etc. We all have the same amount of hours in a day with different obligations. Yet, it’s not really the obligations weighing us down, but the attitude around them. The continuous diet of frustrations, anger, sadness, longing keep us from gratitude and seeing life from a higher vantage.”

Energy follows focus!

In this 45min talk, Jennifer speaks about how our energy follows focus and provides simple strategies to clear these negative patterns affecting our mental and physical energy.


  • clear focus for better productivity
  • calmer mind to become more responsive than reactive
  • more physical energy to enjoy a full life

Releasing the Guilt of ‘Having it All’
Women today come from a generation where we were told, “You can have it all!” We can have it all, but at what price? We strive to always ‘be better’ in every area of our lives: Better Mom, Better CEO, Better Wife, Better Daughter, Sister, Friend…. all around Superhero! No wonder we feel so stressed, irritable and guilty.

You are a human being not a human doing.

In this 45min talk, Jennifer outlines how to release the guilt about having it all. She’ll provide effective strategies to help you shift old beliefs and step into a more balanced emotional state.


  • Better time management
  • Better Coping Mechanisms
  • Balanced Emotional & Physical energy
  • Less anxiety
  • Less irritability
  • Less guilt


Returning to Center:
We spend  much of our lives pulled in multiple directions. Our mental and physical energy becomes so externalized that by the end of our day we feel exhausted for anything else. Or perhaps we’ve spent mental energy on morning phone calls, incessant emails, problem-solving that by the time that big client meeting comes around we find ourselves feeling stressed and anxious, even though we may be prepared. Sound familiar?

Pause. Reset. Return to Center.

In this 45min talk, Jennifer will speak about the energetics of becoming so externalized and how to optimize mental and physical energy just by returning to your center point.


  • more mental & physical energy throughout the day
  • less physical and mental tension
  • better focus in meetings and projects
The Lighthouse Within:  Jennifer guides participants in strengthening and sourcing from the core energetic through breath, awareness, movement and visualization. These simple self-healing techniques are especially  perfect for corporate wellness and athletic leagues.

Chakra Healing: A favorite among the yoga community! Jennifer educates and guides participants through their energetic centers known as the chakras. She speaks about their importance in the body, how they relate to our daily life and how to keep them strong with breath, intention, movement and meditation.

Boosting Fertility: The ability to create life is one of the most sacred gifts available to women. In our modern lives, keeping our bodies fertile can sometimes be trickier than we think. Jennifer educates participants about proper nutrition, stress-release, lifestyle shifts and emotional healing to restore a relationship with our fertile bodies.

Reiki, What, Why & How: An energy balancing modality improving the body’s flow of ‘Chi’.  By channeling pure chi or energy into the body, Reiki clears stagnant energy and realigns the body’s natural healing system.

Jennifer discusses the energy healing  practice of Reiki, covering topics such as:

  • What is Reiki?
  • Why do we need it in our lives?
  • How do we keep that Reiki vibe going?
  • How can you practice Reiki for self-healing & on others?

Interested in Certification in Reiki?

Engaging the Intuitive Mind: Intuition comes to us as insight which arrives without reasoning or analysis.  Jennifer helps participants tap into their intuitive mind. She engages participants in exercises to explore their intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

Through the Veil: (For practitioners and/or general public) We have veils or patterns which shield us from what is true. As we continue to lift them we return to our own higher states of being. Jennifer lectures about how to identify, acknowledge  and guides participants on ways to shift these patterns. She offers advice for professional practitioners, i.e.  psychotherapists, bodyworkers, energy-workers, etc, it is also helpful for any individual who is interested in  developing their intuitive mind.

Invite Jennifer to speak, please email your dates and type of event to:
info@jbrinn.com or call 415.430.5813