Reiki Healing & Wellness Coaching

My mission is to inspire, guide and support you in significant change towards a life you’ll love!

My formula of Reiki, Wellness Coaching and Intuitive Guidance helps you wake, balance, evolve and finally take charge in your life. Here’s how:    copy-jenlibio.jpg

Mind + Body Wellness Coaching: Together we assess the 4 Core Areas in your life to see where you’re feeling stuck and develop personal strategies to help you move forward.

Intuitive Guidance: Through our discussion and during the energy work, I receive information from a higher and more intuitive place using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. This information greatly benefits our work in identifying the ‘why’s of old patterns and how to shift them. No crystal ball required.

Reiki Healing: Jennifer is a Master Reiki Healer & TeacherThis energy healing modality allows the physical body to decompress, the emotional mind to calm and restores you to a balanced state. The more this balanced state is reinforced, the more it begins to inform your decisions & actions in the world.

Our work will be creative, integrative and transformative. We’ll nurture your spirit so you become naturally aligned with your body, mind and the world around you.

My ability to send Reiki healing remotely allows us to work in-studio or via phone/skype

We will address one or more of the 4 Core Areas of Life:  

  • Career/Life Mission
  • Relationship
  • Health & Wellness
  • Spiritual Growth


 Are you a New Client?

Each New Client begins their journey with a 90min New Client Healing Session.
Your opportunity to work with an seasoned, intuitive healer & guide!


New Client Healing Session
After a thorough New Client Intake, we’ll embark on an in-depth discussion to uncover what’s happening in the 4 Core Areas your life. In this deeply transformative session you’ll receive:

  • identification of patterns & imbalance
  • intuitive reading & guidance
  • personal strategies for your growth
  • Reiki Healing to calm & rebalance the physical body & emotional mind.

At the end of our session you’ll receive a full assessment with recommendations of how to move forward.
90min ~ $155   in-studio or phone/skype


Jennifer’s San Francisco Healing Studio

Options after our first session…

For Returning Clients:
After our findings in the New Client Integrative Healing Session

Depending on our goals this work is recommended at least 1-2 times per month for optimum maintenance

Guidance Session: Mind + Body Wellness Coaching, Intuitive Guidance & Reiki Healing
90min ~ $155/$580 for series of 4    in-studio or phone/skype, must be scheduled between a 4-6 week period

Balance Session: Reiki Healing
60min ~ $95/$340 for series of 4    in-studio or phone/skype, must be scheduled between a 4-6 week period

Discovery Session: Mind + Body Wellness Coaching & Intuitive Guidance
A holistic approach to coaching as we address the physical, emotional and energetics of what’s happening, what’s important, what needs improvement in your life.
60min ~ $95/$340 for series of 4      in-studio or phone/skype, must be scheduled between a 4-6 week period

Other Offerings:

Integrative Healing Program:
Mind + Body Wellness Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, Reiki Healing & Nutritional Healing
Finally get the tools you need to live the life you’ve always wanted! We personally tailor this program to meet your needs. This program utilizes all of Jennifer’s specialties to balance your physical, emotional & energetic wellbeing.
Read more & Register for the Integrative Healing Program

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