“Jennifer is a master at her craft providing a gentle healing experience. From the moment I met testimonialsher and at each encounter, she displayed intense interest, kindness and care about me and my concerns, and she offered incredibly accurate insight about to best care for myself and how to learn and grow from each Reiki session. I highly recommend Jennifer!” H.C. ~ Wellness Consultant

“Jennifer is one-of-a-kind in her industry. She is compassionate, kind, caring, and yet, knows how to give “tough love” and push her clients toward optimum results. Her intuition coupled with her mastery of reiki virtually guarantees her clients feel better and create the life they want. She provides practical, realistic tools and processes to get there.” M.S. ~ Sr. Director Business Development

“I started to see Jennifer as I had some stress-related medical issues not being addressed by standard western medicine.  Jennifer’s reiki sessions helped me dramatically in releasing some long standing energy blockages that were creating unhappiness and low level chronic medical conditions. I am now happier and healthier having recharged my energy system. I also went on to receive the level one Reiki attunement with Jennifer which has also helped me to maintain myself. I find Jennifer to be very warm and intelligent, having a lot of knowledge to share and always has profound insight into what I am experiencing.” V.O. ~ Dance Instructor

“My experiences over sixteen months of visits to Jennifer’s studio have been marvelous, transporting, and transforming. She is an amazingly wise, calm, spiritual and gentle healer. I am new to Reiki and find these sessions with Jennifer to be central to my wellbeing. On a scale of ten, Jennifer Brinn is an eleven.” B.P. ~ Retired Elementary Teacher

I’ve been seeing Jennifer Brinn regularly for Reiki for over a year now. During that time I have noticed some real improvements in my physical health and positive changes in the mental/spiritual/social side of my life. I consider myself to be a science-oriented person for the most part. But Reiki with Jennifer has given me personal experiences that make me believe scientists should investigate the whole Reiki/healing energy phenomenon more closely. I went for one session at my wife’s insistence and I felt great afterwards – better than I had in years. If you are trying to make long-term life adjustments, Jennifer has a subtle way of energizing your physical and spiritual transformation. Reiki with Jennifer has been one of the most positive experiences of my life so far.” M.S. ~ College Professor & Musician

“If you like following your bliss, a session with Jennifer Brinn is a step in the right direction.” V.K.~ Finance Professional

“Jennifer is so gifted and in tune with what’s going on around her. If you’re having any doubts, don’t. They will be assuaged on your first visit.” E.V. ~ Event Planner

“I always come away from a session with Jennifer feeling happy, healthy, balanced and calm! She is amazing, and I can’t wait for my next visit.” A.M. ~ Administrative Supervisor

“Jennifer is exceptional and her intuition is astounding! During our reiki session, she was able to identify issues that have been plaguing me for months and she was able to help me figure out how to get through them. At the end of the session, I felt happy, light and open–what more could one ask for?” S. K. ~ Design Executive

“Five days before my wedding, I received my first Reiki session from Jennifer. I cannot wait to go back as it decreased the extra stress from wedding planning. I left feeling physically and emotionally lighter and more balanced… and wanting more.” E.K. ~ Public Relations Executive

“Jennifer is always an amazing experience and one of the people I rely on to help me find balance when my energy needs balancing.” M.D. ~ Tech Entrepreneur

“She is a true healer and has a pure connection to the Divine. Whenever I go to see her I know I am going to leave changed, cleansed, and healed in a powerful way. She is full of so much compassion and understanding and can truly sense where the imbalances are in your body and in your life. I am grateful to know her.” S.C. ~ IT Professional

“I’ve been seeing Jennifer weekly for over two years. She’s helped me to see my own patterns and has personally coached me through challenges with my team at work. Working with her has made me a better mother, wife and professional leader!” S.A. ~ Managing Director Finance Professional

Got something to share about your experience in working with me?

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