“Here’s Looking at You, Kid” : Being the Parent to Your Inner Children

“Here’s Looking at You, Kid” : Parenting Your Inner Children

It’s 8pm and I’m driving home from a long day at the studio. Crossing the majestic Golden Gate, uplit against the eggplant sky, I begin to exhale, symbolically leaving that part of my world behind me. Winding through the Waldo Tunnel, I  drop down into the green-hilled bosom of Marin County. Suddenly there is a small finger lightly tapping my shoulder whispering “What treat can we have when we get home?” I ignore it at first, but that finger becomes more persistent as I speed past two golden arches calling to passersby like twin carnival barkers.  innerchild

“OOOoooo..french fries!!”

“Absolutely not!” I say being the good mother.

“Ohhh…come ON!!” the tiny voice pleads.

“No way! Besides they’re not even made of real potatoes.” I rationalize.

I’ve learned rationalization doesn’t work with a five year-old, nor a seven year-old, or even a nine year-old when they reaaally want something. But I’ve resolved to be strong over the years..especially when it comes to food.

Now you may be asking why I had a car load of kids on my way home from work? I didn’t stop at a soccer practice or ballet class, or even daycare. These were all my children…my sweet, lovely, innocent, partially neurotic, and sometimes exceedingly annoying children. They are in fact my inner children. There are many and gratefully easy to keep track of, since they all bear the same name. Now before you roll your eyes and close this browser window, hang with me and read on because this is not your typical ’embrace your inner child’ namby-pamby post. It’s about to get real!

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Follow The Yellow Brick Road: Trusting & Opening to Opportunity

Follow The Yellow Brick Road: Trusting & Opening to Opportunity backtoreality

It was during an Atlanta springtime when my life was about to change forever. The dogwoods were coming out in their full white dress like little debutantes, reminding us once again of the southern city’s gentility after a long, cold, wet, winter. The weather took on an almost balmy air, the kind of air when you first began to question whether you really need a jacket on the walk to Saturday morning brunch. The outdoor concerts were back in Piedmont Park, the grass was greening, happy dogs chased frisbees and life was just loosening the belt a bit more for me to exhale.

In the previous year I had filed for divorce after being married for only four months (another story, for another time). I had been evicted from my apartment due to that year’s 1996 Olympics price gouge in the rental market. I had been waiting tables in double-shifts, 12-hour days, six days a week at two atrocious establishments and to top it all off I had a paraplegic stalker who was following me around in his dusty blue Dodge van. “WHAT?! This is my life?” Had I been better tapped into writing I perhaps could have pitched an autobiographical sitcom to TNT. I was too busy trying to survive to think about such creative endeavors.

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Open Sesame

Open Sesame

There are times in my life when I lose patience with the universe. When I feel like Job is King Midas compared to me. In my head I shake my fists, stomp my feet and squawk “GOD!” as if I’m thirteen again and slamming the door on my parents.And as I sit and sulk in my metaphorical room, I of course realize that things really aren’t so bad. In fact, they’re pretty damn good! As I release the self-imposed constriction, the veil is lifted from my eyes and I have clarity and focus again. I begin to see the abundance all around me.  jbrinncrystals