Mental Merry-Go-Round: How to Reduce Repetitive Thought

Mental Merry-Go-Round: How to Reduce Repetitive Thought


How many times has this happened to you?

A difficult conversation with a friend, family member or coworker is impending. Yet before the meeting you play a grueling game of mind tennis in your own head. Or perhaps you’re awaiting results from a medical test and your mind strays into all avenues of possible outcomes. Volleying repetitive thoughts back and forth. Preparing yourself for every angle and top spin. By the end of this mental Wimbledon your shoulders have lifted three inches, your heart is racing and you’ve completely missed your exit while driving. Now…how many times a day does this happen until your anticipated meeting?

Chances are you’re all nodding in unison as you read this. It’s what we do. But instead of missing my exit I usually walk into the other room and completely forget why I went in there. It’s not that we’re having a senior moment…more that our minds are so full that we become easily distracted.

The pendulum swing of repetitive thought has become home for many of us. This elevated hypervigilence is what we know and often our best known tool for survival. Yet, really we’re destroying ourselves by increasing the cortisol production in the body and taxing the adrenal function. Not to mention giving ourselves tension headaches rivaling that of any medieval vice-grip. In his book, Biology of Belief, cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton explains, “The brain controls the behavior of the body’s cells. This is a very important point to consider as we blame the cells of our organs and tissues for the health issues we experience in our lives.”……… ruh-roh!


Whenever I feel myself getting carried away with whatever it is that is of such utmost importance, I try to stop thinking..period. I liken our mind’s eye, the center of our forehead, the 6th chakra, to a biiiig picture window. Think IMAX in scale. Very often instead of sitting back and taking in the entire view..the entire picture, we have our noses pressed right up against that window. As if we’re thinking a hole right through the bullseye of our forehead.

Allowing ourselves to pause and imagine taking three steps back from that window, we find there is more room for the periphery..the broader picture. By doing this we also remove ourselves from the pendulum’s path and come into our center. Opening our periphery helps us expand the vista of what is possible. We invite information from a larger playing field and begin to open portals to other dimensions where mistakes simply do not exist. Instead everything is an experience and we must decipher which is in our best alignment. To assist us in expanding our vision, our intuitive mind communicates with us in images, songs and other sensations which metaphorically represent deeper meaning. This process helps us broaden and develop our perception of our immediate reality and beyond it.

So as you find yourself at the end of the day with a full head, just remember to take three steps back from that window. Have a seat on that zafu in the middle of your mind and simply practice seeing the entire view of what life is offering you.   Coaching : Healing : Classes        newheadshot

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