The 3 Intuitive Gifts We All Possess

The 3 Intuitive Gifts We All Possess



As human beings we possess three primary intuitive gifts, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These gifts allow us to sense and expand our perception of ordinary and non-ordinary realities. The prefix of these words is derivative of the French “clair” meaning clear. So respectively, clear-seeing, clear-hearing and clear-feeling. There is also claircognizance reflecting a knowing, clairalience, smelling and clairgustance, tasting. All of these provide us the ability to gain insight and information about a person, place, object or experience. We’ve been playing with these extra-sensory gifts since childhood. If we’ve become disconnected from them, it won’t take long before we begin to learn their language once more.

Because these gifts open portals to our guidance and information from a higher place, one or more of them may appear to us as we need them. In my Reiki classes, one of the first things I teach is about opening to our intuitive gifts.

The first step in cultivating the intuitive gifts we possess is paying attention. Believing in the magic within and around us and honoring instead of dismissing it. These gifts are essentially how spirit communicates with us. If we ignore the tiniest or even grandest pings, we may be ignoring important guideposts in our lives. As we cultivate this new awareness, we learn to open, explore and practice discernment with what we are receiving and how to share the information with others.


Here is a brief description of the 3 intuitive gifts we most commonly use. 

Clairvoyance, the ability to see intuitive information through images, colors, spirits, symbols, etc. At times these pieces of information are seen through the mind’s eye, or the sixth chakra. Occasionally they are seen through the naked eye. When receiving information in the mind’s eye it is not an image you are creating or visualizing. It is something which simply appears without any engagement from the rational mind. Just as a bird may suddenly appear on a windowsill, this is how an image may appear in your mind’s eye.

Clairaudience is probably one of the more challenging gifts to develop simply because we use our eyes most often to see, so we don’t always trust what we hear. When we hear voices, ringing or get what I call ‘downloads’ of information from beyond our dimension, this is clairaudience, clear-hearing. Clairaudience may show up in hearing actual voices, a temporary high-pitched ringing, or that inner voice you know is separate from ego. This information typically comes in regularly through one ear, of course it can alternate. I usually get messages and ringing coming in through my right ear, but recently have been hearing the ringing in my left and have heard voices coming in through both ears. Again, releasing our preconditions about hearing ‘voices in our heads’ will allow us to open our senses to what is coming in. Developing clairaudience can also allow us to trust our inner voice much more as we’re guided through the world.

Clairsentience is a palpable sensing of energy and information. We not only feel with our hands, but we may feel sensations in or around our entire bodies.  As with all the extra-sensory gifts, clairsentience also manifests in various ways. When was the last time you were in a grocery store and you felt someone’s eyes on you from down the aisle? Perhaps you’re cleaning out your attic and find an antique pendant left from a family years before and you feel an innate emotion tied with it. Clairsentience may show up as a ‘gut’ feeling, that sinking feeling of dread felt deep within about an experience that has or is about to happen. The practice of psychometry is when you hold an object in your hand and are able to receive information about it and the person to whom it belongs. One of the most common forms of clairsentience is empathy. In our lives we’ve all felt empathetic toward other people. We’re able to put ourselves in their shoes and understand what they might be going through. Empathy can also be sensed deeper. Perhaps we feel or even adopt symptoms of what another person is experiencing.

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We are all intuitive! As mentioned before we all have intuitive gifts. It is part of what it means to be a unified energetic being in this world. To sense and be connected to all things, we are bound to be able to truly see, hear and feel each other far beyond what our rational mind allows.

If you’d like to learn how to develop these and gain more skills to develop your intuitive mind, please check out my Source Within: Intuitive Development Program.  Coaching : Healing : Classes  newheadshot

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