Talk to the Animals: 5 Simple Guidelines

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Last week I was on my early morning hike. The fog was still waking and lifting from the hills. As a I reached the top ridge line a gorgeous, black Raven swooped over my head into the overhang of a eucalyptus tree about 15 feet above. It faced me directly and began to repeat a ‘knocking’ sound. Its throat ruffled up and continued making this sound for a good three minutes. I stood there watching, what I later learned might have been a, ‘her’. I listened how she was communicating, watched her behavior. I stood perfectly still and opened my heart as if to shine it to her, letting her know we were, in some sense, the same. She then flew to the ground beside me and casually walked along picking up bits with her ebony beak, her sleek feathers shined in the morning haze. As she walked along she would look up at me with ease. She then flew off into the trees. The visitation was complete.

This was an encounter. It had lasted no more than five minutes, but on an ordinarily busy trail with joggers and dogs, it was just the two of us. Anytime I have such a visit, I want to get deeper meaning. So I found a place to sit and silently asked, “Well, what do you want me to know now?” I suddenly received an image of a great shaman, “Whoa, wasn’t expecting that!” But it was remarkable, this shaman, medicine woman, aged and wise. She told me that I needed to ‘be still’. I realize that any time I’m asked to be still big downloads are on their way. The animal wisdom of Raven is said to present magic, to heighten our consciousness and perceptions to connect us with above and below.  I know I’m still receiving information from that encounter and it also made me pause to think about the magnificent connection we have with all animals everywhere.

In the Native American tradition, a person is believed to possess nine animal totems which represent the gifts they bring in their lifetime. Each animal represents specific powers and characteristics to remind us of our alignment with our world. As a human species we’ve made a departure from the animal kingdom. In doing so, we’ve destroyed habitat, corridors, we’ve exploited animals for food and products. Yet as the vibration of our planet continues to rise, so does our consciousness. Animals are the ambassadors in connecting us with the natural world. They are in constant communication with each other and us. If we are present with them we can listen and begin to understand their wisdom.


To communicate with animals, we simply have to be present and listen with body language and intuition. This is what’s required to be in communication with the natural world. It’s speaking to us all the time, yet we’re moving so fast we miss its message.

Here are some basic guidelines to better communicate with the animals around you. 

Silence is golden! If you’re on a walk in nature, turn off your iPod, turn off your brain and feel your place among the trees, the birds, the water, etc. Animals communicate with you when you are quiet and you’ll also notice them more.

Honor them: Whether it’s your cat, labrador, parakeet, or a deer you see in the forest, honor them. Acknowledge them for the beings they are. Just because they don’t speak a language we can understand, doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice. Thank them for sharing this planet with you.

See & listen to them: Read their expressions…yes expressions. I know when my cat wants to play and I know when he wants love. When I feed the blue jays in the backyard, I can decipher their calls and sounds as they come closer. They show us in the way they express themselves, the sounds, their eyes,  their body language, etc.

Open your heart: Our heart chakra is said to have its own electromagnetic field aside from our overall body. So even if we’re in a funk, try opening your heart energy to them and see the response. As I opened my heart to the Raven she felt comfortable enough to touch down beside me and feed.

Discover: An animal encounter or visit is magical. There is wisdom to be imparted. Particularly if this animal shows itself three times. Always ask for the meaning in the encounter. It will often arrive quickly in your mind’s eye. And you can always look up its wisdom.

Web Resources for Animal Wisdom:  animal totems

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