4 Strategies to Help You Shine!


Yesterday something exciting happened. Our newly launched consultancy, Human Pace had a development meeting with a big San Francisco, Fortune 500 company. I have to say while I remained externally cool as a cuke, the jitters were having a party internally. A slew of what-ifs plagued my mind..”What if I got a run in my stocking? What if my heel broke? What if there was something in my teeth? eww. What if instead of meeting with this VP, a band of unruly monsters were waiting inside to devour me whole?” Walking into the corporate headquarters solo, I was armed with my laptop, phone, notebook, my brain and one more thing, my secret mantra….wanna hear it? “How can I shine?”

“How can I shine?” arrived to me from the universe a couple of weeks ago when coaching a client about overcoming dating paralysis. When we’re engaged in whatever pattern we’re running, we tend to shut down that true light within us, cheating those around us out of seeing what we’re really made of..more importantly we’re cheating ourselves.

Haven’t we all had those moments? A big meeting, an important presentation, even a first date, these are the moments when it’s critical for us to be at the top of our game. So as I walked into the meeting I was armed with this mantra, “How can I shine? How can I shine?” Repeating it softened the tension, released the teeter in my step. It helped me realize there is light within me and within us all. It helped me realize the gifts I was bringing to the table. It helped me get out of my own way. And finally, it helped me see through other people and identify how they also shine, even when their dimmer switch might be turned low.

4 Strategies to Train Yourself to Shine!

Forget the flaws...I heard this great piece of advice of all places on the show, What Not to Wear…no one is looking at your flaws, so stop spending so much energy trying to hide them. People really and truly only want to see you…the best you, so bring it forward and show it off!

What’s your personal ethos? Define your standards, your vision for your life, your values. Doing so, helps provide a foundation for who you are. Often we’re not so in touch with these core pieces and it causes us to be shaky, rather than resolute in who we are and what we have to share in the world.


Harness your Superpowers, 3 ways you contribute: When is the last time you sounded off about the ways you contribute in the world? If your answer was that last interview question in which you replied, “I’m friendly & easy going…” then you need to revisit this! I bet your friends can name a gazillion ways you contribute. Be your own best friend and define 3 ways you contribute in this world. This helps you realize and utilize your innate superpowers!

Introduce yourself in 3rd person, 5 characteristics: Now that you’ve established your superpowers, let’s play a game. We give glowing introductions of our friends at parties, so try this for yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and imagine you’re introducing yourself (in 3rd person) to someone at a party. Name 5 great characteristics about this person,YOU. Again, this helps to establish who you are and what you offer, firming up the foundation for you to shine in the world.

Now go out there and truly be yourself…Brilliant!

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