Holiday Stress: 7-Step Prevention Guide


I hear it all the time, what we tend to want most in our ‘having-it-all’ culture is ‘balance’. Often we’re so busy balancing everything in our external world that we forget to balance the internal world.

With the holidays upon us, it tends to be a particularly stressful time. So here is Part Two on holiday stress (Read Part One Holiday Stress: The 4 Ways We Feel Depleted)  a 7-Step Prevention Guide with strategies to pull yourself out of the Flatline and back into the game!

1. Make a Nourishment List: Sit down with paper and pen and write down all the things which nourish you and how often you need them. Then post it where you’ll see it and be reminded of what you need to feel nourished.

    Ex: yoga, 3x/week
    powerwalk, 5x/week
    dinner w/friends, 1x/mth
    read a good book, 1x/day

2. Quiet time: Amidst the holiday hoopla it’s easy to get lost in the constant stream of noise. Be sure to create pockets of quiet time every day, even if it’s just sitting at your desk and closing your eyes for 5 (timed) minutes.

3. Nutrient-dense: Ideally we should be eating 3-5 nutrient-dense meals per day to maintain blood sugar balance and steering clear of the empty carbs, fats & calories. This means a good fat, protein and something green in every meal. A little harder during the holiday bulge, but try making a game out of the buffet before you. Or if you indulge too much one day, then try getting back to the nutrient-dense plan the next.


4. Hydrate: Holiday cheer served up in a glass can turn into a holiday hangover if we’re not careful. Be sure to drink plenty of water every day, but especially at a party. One glass of water, per one alcoholic drink tends to be the rule, your head will thank you the next morning!

5. Vitamin C: Here’s something you might not know about the sugar in that peppermint bark, it damages collagen. Not only is that bad news for your skin, it’s also bad for your joints. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C or taking 1000mg per day can help to boost collagen production in the body. A great assist to all those delicious stocking stuffers!

6. 5 Deep Breaths: There’s nothing like holiday family time to catapult us over the edge. All the silent retreats and mindfulness in the world are no match for the triggers we endure with family. Before reacting to your mom’s crticism or Uncle Bill’s political rants, take 5 deep breaths. Nourish your mind & body with these simple, yet decadent breaths, letting each one be like a tiny prayer. It buys you the time needed to respond mindfully than quick-trigger reactions.

7. Energy Follows Focus: After the holidays have passed and we ring in the new year, remember that energy follows focus. Focus on what you truly want for your mind, body and life in the new year. Then every action will align with these intentions. Coaching : Healing : Classes     copy-jenlibio.jpg

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