Embodiment: Gaining More By Doing Nothing


I returned back to the studio Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday feeling renewed..a rarity amongst the holiday rush.  After years of driving and spending Thanksgiving with family elsewhere, we decided to have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner with just the three of us here at home on Wednesday. On Thursday my beau and daughter went to his sister’s to spend actual Thanksgiving while I needed to stay home with our convalescing kitty who needed a few stitches after he encountered the neighborhood bully cat. I was thrilled because it gave me some great quality downtime. After my happy dance of sheer elation, my plan was to go for a hike, come home and do a long yoga practice, clean, organize, create our Christmas card,  and read. I got the hike in, but after that little else was accomplished. It’s uncommon to get such a swath of ‘me’ time where nobody is home that I found myself simply wanting to stretch out on the sofa and watch movies. I was gaining more by doing absolutely nothing!

Regrouping: In our tech-driven age, we are plugged into every device imaginable. Externalizing our attention in so many directions that we feel depleted at the end of the day exerting our mental resources while doing virtually nothing in the way of physical exertion. Add in the day-to-day responsibilities of work-home-family-life we find it imperative to regroup, rein in the mental energy we exert so we can become more embodied.


Spinning out: Just as the earth’s North and South polarities assist with its connection and rotation in this solar system, we also have polarities in our own energy fields which keep us grounded and connected, preventing us from spinning out.

The body has seven primary energetic centers known as chakras. These centers are like our energy control rooms, spinning energy out into the super highways known as the meridian system. Each chakra governs particular organs and emotions. Our root chakra or first chakra is located near the tip of the tailbone in the pelvic floor. When open, its energy mirrors that of a tree, flowing like roots into the earth helping us connect and stay grounded even in the face of life’s stressors. It helps us deal with issues related to our survival, finances, our home, jobs, basic safety. Feeling sound in these areas help our roots soften and flow into the earth’s energy. Our crown chakra is our connection to a higher wisdom providing insight and clarity for life solutions. Yet when we’re running at warp speed, we tend constrict our grounding and our connection to a higher wisdom. We become disconnected from these access points, feeling that we’re alone in our very busy world and essentially ‘spinning out’. The physical symptoms result in low back pain, pelvic disorders, headaches, chronic tension and hyperactivity and sleep disorders.

Taking the time to ‘do’ nothing creates space for unfolding, for opening, for us to restore energy to our physical and mental bodies and reconnect. Being connected and embodied, informs our ability to respond. When we are operating from this place we are able to be more present for others. Learning to consciously develop an embodied state, we can provide deeper perspective on the purpose of circumstance. We’re often able to arrive at the ‘a-ha’ moment more concisely. As this happens an inherent trust begins supporting us. We all have an innate ability to to access deep levels of knowing and feeling which assist in clarity, recognizing meaning and happiness and all you have to ‘do’ is nothing.

The Source Within
If you’d like to explore developing your intuitive gifts and becoming more embodied, try The Source Within Intuitive Development Series. The Source Within is a self-guided online program to help you reconnect with the more intuitive side of you. We are all intuitive, it’s an innate gift of being human. It’s simply a matter of coming back to it, of coming home.


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