Everyone is a Buddha

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photo credit: Dona Mann

I’m taking some time off from my longer blog posts to focus on some other projects. In the meantime I’ll share some smaller tidbits we can all apply to our daily lives. Hope you enjoy!

Everyone is a Teacher:
Even on our best days we can encounter difficulty with another person, our partner, our friend, co-worker, even a stranger on the street. The challenge ranges from a minor annoyance to unfathomable rudeness. Yet, it’s not so much the challenge we face, but our reaction to it.

Here’s a practice I love from Jack Kornfield’s A Path With a Heart:

“Imagine that this earth is filled with Buddhas, that every single being you encounter is enlightened, except one…yourself! Imagine they are all here to teach you. Whoever you encounter is acting solely for your benefit, to provide just the teachings and difficulties you need in order to awaken.”

Practice this today and just notice how it can shift your relationship to the difficulties you face.

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