Energy Explained: No Woo-woo


Whenever I’m in social situations and meeting new people I’m ultimately asked what sort of work I do for a living.  I’ve played around with my response over the years. The term ‘healer’ makes me bristle because we’re all our own healers if we listen to what our bodies need. My beau likes to introduce me as “an amazing Reiki Master” and I want the earth to open and swallow me whole. True, I am a certified Reiki Master, but it somehow feels like I should be wearing a kimono and wielding a big samurai sword when I hear that term. I’ve said I was a Reiki Therapist and people always reply with, “Oh I’ve had that done, boy was it painful!”, um no, that would be Rolfing. I’ve said I was a wellness coach, which is a large part of my practice with people. But the term I feel most comfortable with is Energy Consultant.

“Energy freaks me out”

Before I even knew what Reiki was, I began sensing energy in people and intuiting the imbalances. In private practice I’m able to sit with an individual, listen to their issues, intuit the energetic imbalance, track it to its source then offer ways to shift it back to a balanced state. Similarly with groups or couples, I’ll  do conflict resolution where I’m brought in to consult with problematic issues and then track not only the personalities, but what is triggering who and where the emotional and energetic imbalance is taking place. I’m now offering this to the corporate sector for conflict resolution amongst teams when recently an HR Director approached me about what I offer. When I told her, she replied, “hmm, energy kind of freaks me out.” This response made me realize there is work to be done here.

We are all energy. It’s within and around us all the time. The air we breathe has tiny subatomic particles creating energy. So to say, “Energy freaks me out..” is like saying breathing freaks me out or eating food freaks me out or drinking water freaks me out or sunshine freaks me out…it’s all energy!  Our emotions have energetic vibrations behind them. Whether we say “I love you” or “You’re a big fat idiot”, these have strong energetic vibrations behind them. Now imagine the difference between hearing one of these over and over throughout your lifetime. How would that shape you and your life?


Out of Balance.

In the realm of quantum physics, everything is considered to be energy…even our bodies are energy condensed into matter. So when our energy is out of balance why not treat energy with energy? But how do we know when our energy is out of balance? We’ve labeled people with ‘dark energy’ or ‘negative energy’, but really we are all energetic beings operating at various frequencies. These frequencies are dependent on our ability to be in a pure state.

We enter this world as pure bright beings in the bodies of infants. If you’ve ever been caught in a baby’s line of sight, you’ll notice their gaze is unwavering. They have no filters, they are simply interested in what you are and how you operate in their presence.  Our energy field or auric field extends three feet in every direction of our body. This auric field tends to be quite strong and vibrant when we’re infants. Yet as we mature we become inundated with parental, peer, teacher, lover imprints. These imprints inhibit our energetic frequencies which feed our emotional patterns which then inform our physical postures.

When we begin to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, etc. western society teaches us to process the emotional at a ‘more appropriate time’. We make up 1000 excuses to not address or distract ourselves with food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or medicate it away. When left unprocessed, these issues almost always show up on a physical level and we turn towards Western medicine to cure the symptoms instead of the real issue and then the carousel begins! If we take time to explore, discover and face the true issues affecting our lives we then have the ability to shed the excess ‘stuff’ and make room for our true potential.

Quite simply when our energy is out of balance, we’re not walking around in daily life saying “Gosh, my energy is out of balance!” When the body’s natural energy flow is out of balance it shows up emotionally and physically. Along with the imprints on our psyche, modern life confronts us all the time with elements pushing our energy out of balance. Pesticides in our foods, pollution, the constant flurry of wi-fi and other electromagnetism coming from electronics, and other people’s electromagnetic fields can all have disorienting effects on our own energy fields, particularly when our own core vibration is weak.


What is Reiki, why do we need it?

The word Reiki is Japanese for “universal life force energy.”  The Usui System of Reiki is a channeling of Universal Life Force Energy..but what does that mean? What does Universal Life Force Energy mean and what does it do, where does it come from? The shorter term and the one I use is ‘pure chi’. It is the fabric of what surrounds us, the essence and balance found throughout the natural world. Reiki is an intelligent energy moving at such a high frequency that everything it touches is brought into perfect harmony.

The practice of having a flow of Reiki, pure chi, channeled into the body stimulates and strengthens our core energetic known as the Sushumna Nadi, (pronounced: shuh-shoom-nah nah-dee). This is the energetic flow running parallel to the spine and linking up each of the chakra centers. As this core energetic becomes vibrant we become more like lighthouses shining our energy out as opposed to sponges, taking energy on. The more vibrant we are from within, the less external influences will have on our being. When there is less external EMFs and imprints influencing us, there is then more space for our true state to come forward and inform how we are in the world. As we begin operating from our true state we are less reactive and more responsive. We become connected with our center and return to our whole being  and begin participating with the world as a unified part of us rather than suffering from separation from it.

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2 thoughts on “Energy Explained: No Woo-woo”

  1. Jennifer,

    You are an incredible Reiki Master, and we are so blessed to be able to work with you! I so enjoyed this week’s blog.

    Looking forward to a session very soon!


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