Flower Power


I recently had a visit with one of my dear friends who lives in Sebastapol. On the drive out to her home and down a side country road I became smitten with the antiquated apple orchards in full bloom, the curve and cradle of the single-lane road and the breath of wysteria and wild rose whispering through the air. As I drove, I could feel the layers of concrete, steel and grime that comes with urban living peeling away. There was some serious Shakti energy happening out there!

Shakti is the active Divine Feminine energy happening around and within all of us..yes even you men! It is the creative and fertile force which is complemented by Shiva, the masculine Divine. It gave me pause to honor the mother within all of us, that sacred feminine which appears in our birthing of not only the children in this world, but also the birthing of ideas, creativity. The mother appears in the way we nurture our loved ones, care for our pets, our plants, cultivate and create our food.

Human Being

Many women today find they are missing a vibrance, a vitality a certain essence in their lives. We’re so busy trying to be the Best Mom, the Best CEO, the Best Wife, the Best Household Manager that we find ourselves doing alot rather than being. We search for this essence in foods, relationships and practices that don’t necessarily serve, nourish or honor us. Yet if we took a look deeper we may find that we are missing, suppressing the feminine essence of who we are.

We certainly show infinite gratitude to the strong, resilient women of the feminist movement who have paved the way for the later generations, yet somewhere along the way the lines have become blurred. We as women have become so accustomed to being warriors and independent in our own domain that we have forgotten how to also celebrate what makes us resilient in the first place–our femininity! It is the softness, the openness, the gentility and the organic nature of the female spirit and body that is the juiciest, most attractive and strongest part of a woman. When we are responding from our truest state of femininity we can do anything with the least effort. It is about setting the balance and returning to our authentic state of being with the degrees of femininity varying for all of the diverse types of women we are.


The Dance

The return of the feminine, is not about a complete feminist society nor is it about bowing down to the patriarchal society as either scenario creates imbalance. It is about the restoration of a balanced masculine/feminine polarity a renewed yin and yang. While both hemispheres of the mind are harmonious in consciousness and its potential.

To revive the feminine expressly through body and personality. The dance of masculine surrendering to the feminine and feminine surrendering to masculine creates a harmony essential for the way human resonance plays in the universe. When these opposites honor, embrace and support one another, while celebrating their differences we will flower into an age of deeper peace, balance, wisdom and profound creative force.

Be the Flower!

How can the feminine show up in your daily life? That slower, more responsive yin energy might soften your interactions with others. Perhaps it facilitates a day of nurturing yourself which ripples out into your home. You may find as the mind softens, the body follows, magically easing stored physical tension. Or perhaps as all that striving and driving relaxes, old emotional patterns take a back seat.

Realigning with this energy is like shifting a pattern. It’s a new muscle we may have to work for a while until it  feels more natural. You’ll be triggered in many areas to strive or defend or do. Remember to come back to that softer, more abundant place. In it you’ll find the wisdom needed to move forward from a very true place.

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