To & Fro: Accepting Polarities

Sailboat in the San Francisco Bay at dusk, California, USA

A few years ago I was sitting on my patio in Sausalito watching a sailboat being blown across the bay. I witnessed as its sails billowed to the north then to the south, and back to the north again. The captain was certainly challenged on this blustery day, yet from a distance it seemed like an effortless ballet across the water. It was at that moment when I really got that life is all about polarities.

The energy and mechanics of the universe is full of polarities or reciprocal energies, yin & yang. What goes up must come down, right? I’ve spoken before about accepting polarities in our lives. When we are in a mood of frustration or sadness the charge of these emotions can bring us into a downward spiral sometimes progressing into depression or intense anxiety. When we are in a mood of happiness or satisfaction, these emotions also have a charge and sometime lead to an ungrounded elation spinning us upward into orbit.

When we are ungrounded, polarities can keep us on a an exhausting pendulum swing back and forth for so many years that we forget what it is to be in the center. Taking a step back form each polarity and witnessing the higher state of patience, faith, truth,discernment, empathy, etc can organically bring us back into the center and releasing us from the charge of either polarity.


When we find ourselves in constriction, we tend to ignore it, turning our backs as if the constriction doesn’t exist. Yet all the while it is tying us up in knots, creating uncomfortable emotional and physical tension. Instead of pushing it away, ask what is being constricted? Why? What is the trigger? Which part of the body is affected? Really go into the constriction, that uncomfortable place. Welcome it to be there just as you would welcome its reciprocal more positive energy. What information do these emotions have for you? Then when you receive the information, journal it, paint it, whatever you can do to process the information and release it from your body. Emotions are energy in motion, they want to be seen, heard and released.
It’s like a ceremony to honor what is stirring inside of us.

After the release, begin to bring the remembrance of what it’s like to be whole and grounded in the body. As if an ocean of calm is flowing through all the spaces in the emotional and physical body that have been parched by constriction. We can bring in the higher state of being..whatever it is that has less charge and a higher vibration. Grace, compassion, unconditional love, etc. Let the higher state flood your body and glow from within. This practice of accepting and releasing will empower you by truly residing in your body, honoring all emotions and the nature of the polarity swing and finding your way back to center.

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