Summer Solstice: The Light Within You


A few nights ago I had a dream. It was more than a dream, it was a visit, from a guide. I dreamed my beau and I were walking in some kind of marketplace. It could have been in Africa, Morocco, Thailand..someplace faraway from the cradle of Marin County. A place stained in sepia undertones, vendors sold tribal masks and other interesting trinkets while incense swirled out of their mouths like breath.

A woman slightly older than me approached us. She told us in order to manifest a shared intention we’d been trying to set, we had to release limiting beliefs and patterns set by our family and ancestors. My beau laughed it off and told me to ‘go for it ‘while he walked in a different direction. This was a metaphor for my rational mind. In the dream I walked along with the woman, strolling through the marketplace, following my intuitive mind.

She continued to tell me in order to bring my intentions to fruition I needed to clear karmic contracts which were informing a very old way of being. Then I woke up. There are many dreams I don’t remember. The ones I do, I try to deconstruct, this one was so crystal clear, that it has given me new insights on how to do my work in this world, both personally and professionally.

We all have work to do:
The summer solstice is the beginning of summer when we are orbiting closest to the sun. We are naturally brought more into the light. While the moon is considered to be more yin, slower-paced, the sun is yang, fast-paced. The sun’s energy helps to ignite our 3rd chakra located in our ‘solar-plexus’, just above the stomach.

The 3rd chakra absorbs the sun’s energy as prana and radiates it through the entire body, giving us our drive to move forward, to align with our will, our purpose in this world.

Yet so often we get stuck in our fear, anxiety, judgment, ignorance and anger which keeps us from moving forward. I affectionately call this the ‘yuck’.

5 Summer Solstice Steps:
If you’ve got some ‘yuck’, trust me when I say, this is an uber-potent time to get rid of it. Here’s how to begin:

Yeerrrrrr outta here!
Notice what’s not working for you in your life right now. Maybe it’s your dead-end job, an unsatisfying relationship, a health condition, your insanely busy schedule. Name it, call it out.

Look in the mirror:
Once you label what’s not working for you, look in the mirror. This is a hard one. It’s so easy to project our icky stuff onto others, but guess what that makes you? A victim. You are not a victim, you are a participant in your life, so own it! If there is something not working for you, stop blaming others and take charge. This is that powerful sun energy you possess! Agree to finally take this thing by the horns and show it you’re in control and it’s not going to inhibit your quality of life anymore.

Time Machine:
In order to take control of this thing you’ve got to do some G.I. Joe reconnaissance work. Know where it comes from, understand why it’s here, who’s voice keeps playing over in your mind? “Life is hard.” “Why bother?” or here’s a classic my grandfather would say, “Why go to the Grand Canyon? It’s just a big hole in the ground.” Bull-&$#T! You get to live this life on this amazing planet, as long as you get to be here, so get to it!  Once you realize where these limiting beliefs and patterns come from then you realize that you’ve been carrying the load through generations. Now when you hear that voice, you can put distance between it and you so you can blaze a new trail.

Trading up:
We know what’s not working for you, and chances are you’ve been focusing on what’s not working for longer than you’d like to admit. Here’s a refreshing question…What do you want? What do you want in your life? What does your life look like in 6months, a year, 3 years, 5? Isn’t it funny when you ask a child what they want when they grow up, they have it all planned out, “I want to be a scientist, an artist and a singer. I want two kids, a boy named Samuel and a girl named Rainbow. I want to live on the beach and the mountains and we’ll have a tiger, a turtle and two dogs.” That recently came out of our daughter’s mouth. We all had these concoctions of how our lives would be, but now when I ask the jaded, crumudgeoned adults we are, we don’t know. We have no idea what we want. We just want to get through the next month. We’re so busy battling life that we forget to live life! Replace ‘what’s not working’ with what you want. Energy follows focus!

Discipline does not mean punishment, it means practice. When we focus on what we want, then everything we do must align with that decision. We must set the intention, commit, visualize the path to get there, and be disciplined to put it into action.

While we are unlimited in our abilities we tend to be creatures of habit. This is why when we’re shifting something, setting a goal, moving towards it, we need help getting there. You’re the athlete in this game, you’ve set a goal, you’ve created a gameplan. Now how are you going to get there? Who’s going to nudge you, guide you while you step up, over and through all the ‘yuck’ that’s kept you down for so long? Create a support system, your partner, your best friend, close colleague, your friendly Reiki Therapist & Spirit Coach!


My work:
Seriously, shifting these patterns and limitations is no easy feat. It’s why people seek me out. Initially they want balance in their lives. But what’s causing the imbalance? This is what I do and this is how I help you to step into a life you’ll truly love!

I hope you all enjoy the summer and let the sunshine outside, guide the power within you!

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