Boston Strong: Practicing Unity in a Time of Despair

Practicing Unity in a Time of Despair


It’s been a helluva week. As I left the studio early Monday afternoon, little did I realize the immense cloud hanging over our country’s head. Listening to NPR on the drive home the details of the Boston bombings began to spew. I pulled over feeling dumbfounded, put into alarm about what might happen next, if there were more bombs planted somewhere else, how much tragedy did we need to prepare ourselves for? We gathered with friends later that evening and like the news feed, we all speculated at the details, but were unanimous in one question which was ‘why?’.

As I write this morning, we have the other brother in custody and I’m sure he will provide answers as to why they committed this unthinkable act. But those answers will never truly provide reasoning. Their own separation from this reality fuel the delusions as to why they thought blowing up innocent people would settle anything in their world.

I include a piece written over a year ago about Unity. I feel it speaks to our inherent need to be included and how we so easily feel despair in its absence.

In her book Committed: A Love Story, Elizabeth Gilbert tells the mythical story by Aristophanes of how once upon a time all humans were conjoined and walked around with two heads, four arms and four legs and were either male/female, male/male or female/female. These creatures walked around completely contented until Zeus severed them all in half due to their disrespect of worshipping the gods. Afterwards they roamed the land always in search of ‘the One’ to satisfy their longing for wholeness.

There are belief systems which continue to adhere to this idea of separation between humans and gods. When really it is not God who is casting us into separation, but ourselves. When we feel separation there is a despair like no other and we go outside of ourselves for inclusion. We go in search of others’ wisdom, love, acceptance when all we need is within us because we are part of the whole, inhabitants of the Divine. The Hindu gesture of Namaste translates beautifully as “I bow to you”. It recognizes the belief that the life force, the divinity, the God in me is the same in all. Greeting another with hands in prayer at the heart acknowledges this unity and we honor the God in the person we meet.


The underlying fundamentals of most all belief systems is peace, love, and compassion. To have these states of being develop within us we must forge a relationship to a higher vibration free from the despair of separation. Most call this higher vibration the Divine, God, The One, Beloved, etc. and it has the ability to exist within each of us. We’ve seen it as incarnations of Christ, the Buddha, contemporaries like Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Mother Teresa. We’ve encountered moments of this consciousness on our own..even if it was a brief glimpse.

Since time began we have been accumulating ways to better connect with our own divinity, our intuitive mind, our higher consciousness. We develop ways to enter altered states so that our minds have stillness long enough to connect with the information we are receiving all the time.

In contrast we develop just as many obstacles to reach this consciousness because of our disbelief in this inherent connection. We distract ourselves with food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or medicate it away. The primary cause behind most all emotional disturbance is the feeling of separation. This informs our behavioral patterns and even physical postures.

When we feel connected there is no absence or feeling of separation. We naturally align with what is in integrity for ourselves. And even though we may occasionally waver we realize the most important relationship we’ll ever have is with our own divinity, an energy directly from what we know as God. For most this belief is something that becomes fully integrated in our consciousness. It is not something gained over night, rather it comes with a shift in perception, a shedding of accumulated layers and beliefs which are no longer resonant. As this happens we begin to ‘lighten up’, no longer mired in the density, our energetic vibration begins to lift and hence we enter into a more enlightened state of being. Reaching this new consciousness we realize that no one and no thing can hold and support us as much as this Divine energy flowing as the undercurrent of universal fundamentals. The veils of old beliefs are lifted or seen through to know we are in unity with all things.

“…For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
― Mother Teresa

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