Sunshine State : Shifting Your State of Mind


As most of you know I’m not much for opacity. Which is why I’m sharing with you this week our household has been a bit hellish…not fire and brimstone, on a scale 1-10..mmm, about a 7, a manageable, yet prickly hell. You see, our household is currently under the influence of my lovely beau going through a detox cleanse, my PMS symptoms, the buzzing lunacy of the full moon and mercury retrograde. The latter, in case you’re unaware, stunts all forms of communication. So you see, our household has devolved into what my father used to call ‘grouch land’. The universe must have heard my war cry, because as I was washing the dishes yesterday the old James Taylor song came to mind, “In my mind I’m going to Carolina..” essentially calling, “Jennifer, gooooo to your happy place!”

As I’m sharing this with you I can see you all nodding in commiseration because in my work with you I know you’ve all been here. Perhaps instead of a detoxing mate, your boss is a fire-breathing dragon. Perhaps instead of the PMS battle of the brain, you’re feeling an intense time crunch in your life. Regardless of the factors, there is always something which is challenging us.

Notice the key word..Challenge! The beauty of our human experience is that we are gifted with choices all the time. One of the most important choices we make in our lives isn’t what we do, but what we think. What is your state of mind in any given moment? One of the noble truths in Buddhism is that there is always suffering. It’s everywhere…and whatever your belief system holds, there is also the opposite of suffering, beauty existing around us in harmony with each other.

So if I look at our household as a burning building..what do I do? Do I flee, do I throw water on it, do I battle it? How do I deal with it? Well in order to deal, I have to first think. Our state of mind informs our actions. So if we are in a state of panic to put out a fire in our lives, then it could be chaotic and inflame the event. If we are in a state of anger, then our actions are fueled by this aggravation. If we are in a state of peace, perhaps we move methodically, calmly.

Ahhh, but there’s one more determining checkpoint before action and that’s decision.
So here’s the breakdown:

  • Your state of mind will inform your decisions
  • Your decisions will inform your actions
  • Your actions will map out your life

When we train our mind and body to be in the most empowered states of mind then we are most empowered in our lives!

Here’s the truth mantra: “It’s not the external world which is shaping your life, it’s your state of mind.”

Whatever is up in your life…relationship, job, finances, health… you get to think about how to show up and this ultimately informs how you operate in the world.

And as I write this, I’ve shifted into the Sunshine State of warmth, sugary white sand, floating in glistening blue, 80 degree ocean water. A very nice change of scenery from the dark side of the moon.


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4 thoughts on “Sunshine State : Shifting Your State of Mind”

  1. Hi Jennifer! It’s the first time I “land” on your blog and I enjoyed reading these few first lines. You write in such a lovely flow, it feels as if I were sitting right there, listening to you. Truly enjoyable! I’ll come back for more 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration too!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback & sharing with your base! I’m grateful it resonates with you.

  2. By the way, I shared an excerpt of your lovely post (and the appropriate link to it) on my Facebook Page also called Deep Blue Vibrance. Hope that’s OK. I’m very new in the Blog community …

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