Open Sesame

Open Sesame

There are times in my life when I lose patience with the universe. When I feel like Job is King Midas compared to me. In my head I shake my fists, stomp my feet and squawk “GOD!” as if I’m thirteen again and slamming the door on my parents.And as I sit and sulk in my metaphorical room, I of course realize that things really aren’t so bad. In fact, they’re pretty damn good! As I release the self-imposed constriction, the veil is lifted from my eyes and I have clarity and focus again. I begin to see the abundance all around me.  jbrinncrystals

I’m hearing similar constriction from so many of you this year…whether it’s money, love, work, purpose, time, energy.. And I’m hear to tell you, not only do I get it, but I’m going to tell you what’s up, why it’s up and what to do. Ready? 

What’s up?

Something right now feels shaky…your money, relationship, job, health, etc. You feel restless, perhaps anxious as if the rollercoaster is slowly inching up the super big incline and about to plunge you down and through the loop-to-loop. You’re just trying to manage, to find your footing in it all. At times it feels so vulnerable that you want to roll up in a ball and cocoon until it all goes away. 

The other scenario is that you have so much energy, ideas, opportunities, engagements, to-do’s that you’re challenged in juggling it all. You’re losing focus and clarity. You feel like the ringmaster of an 8-ring circus (and the clowns are really beginning to get on your nerves.)

Why is this happening?

As I mentioned in my January post, Union of the Snake, we are living in a new skin. A snake sheds its skin because it has outgrown it. When it sheds, its eyes cloud over, it tends to lower its intake of food, and it hides. Its entire body goes into a brief hibernation until the shedding is complete. 

Physically we shed our skin all the time. Emotionally, it is much more laborious. As we geared up for 2012 and throughout that year we went through an intense shedding period. We shook loose many imprints which didn’t really work for us anymore. It was as if Beyoncé was belting out her head-bobbing anthem, “To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left!” all year long.

Now we enter with a new skin, a new consciousness, new energy. There is more space for us to ‘be’. “But Jennifer, how can we sit around and just ‘be‘ when there’s so much to do?” And here’s the part where we lose patience with the universe.

We’ve done our work, we’ve pushed the boulders, now where’s the reward? Ahhh. It is being shown to us. The road is going to open wide and there is opportunity ahead for your expansion far beyond what you thought possible. This is what we’ve been waiting for!

What to do?

Be present: We are so task-oriented, so multi-sensory driven, so ROI focused that we’ve forgotten the most precious skillset of all…presence. And at this very moment it is thee most important trait to develop. We just went through a major shedding process and it is imperative to be present with everything around us.

DO NOT CONSTRICT.  Being in a new skin feels vulnerable. It’s like doing anything for the first time. Think of a baby taking their first steps. They get up, walk a few steps, wobble, fall, cry, get up and try again until its a solid practice. They don’t sit there, cross their arms and say, “Well, this is just useless.” There is no other choice it is essential for their evolution. 

Be aware:  Think of your life right now as the ultimate cocktail party with priceless networking opportunities. Pull away from your smartphone and open your eyes, your ears to incoming serendipities. These are pings from the universe. Accept invitations, try new things, go new places. These are the guideposts, the stepping stones toward expansion!

Accentuate the positives. We’ve spent so many years walking around with layers of old coats that don’t belong to us. Pack them up and send them to Goodwill! Begin to focus on your passions, your gifts rather than your faults or defects Doing this will naturally lift your sights, help you to align with your new skin and help you step into the expansion.

We are being invited to take our seat in this new skin. Don’t shroud it, let it shine  Get acclimated now to think big and be big, because this is the next giant step for our collective evolution.

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